David Clark Electrical

Branding & Web Design


A local electrician approached me to help his business create an online presence and form a brand that he could use to gain more clients and to demonstrate the services his business offers. David Clark Electrical consists of 3 full time electricians working in a community of almost 20,000 people. They are one of very few electrician businesses in the area and offer an extremely professional service to both other businesses and regular customers.

Worked with: David Clark
Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Webflow


01. First discussion
I met with David early on to discuss the project and get a feel for his business. This would help me understand his customer base and give me an insight into the sort of work he carries out.
02. Creating a logo
Having met with David and the team I started to develop concepts for a logo that fitted in with the values of the business. The look they were going for was elegant and simple while still sophisticated.
03. Logo reflection
David and I reviewed the collection of logo ideas I had created which led to the development of one concept.
04. Final logo
After some development work and colour alterations, we finalised the logo stage of the project with this. For more info on typography, colour and style see below.

Logotype – Combining a wordmark and a pictorial mark to create a logo gives it versatility while offering scope to use the logo symbol on it’s own to represent the business.
Typography – The logo font (Code Bold) I decided on has a bold and strong nature about it while being clean and easy to read. This pairs well with a more classic feeling font (Helvetica) for the main typography for bodies of text.
Colour – Yellow, as a colour, envokes feelings of positivity and energy. It also acts as an attention attracting colour and used in combination with black, creates one of the easiest colour combinations to see and read from a long distance – something that will help make the vans branding stand out. It is also a colour predominantly used in the construction trade.
Design – Incorporating a lightbulb and the “C” of Clark, the logo clearly explains the nature of the business and therefore has the possibility to be used on it’s own in the future.


Creating visual wireframes that could be used to demonstrate to David what his website was going to look like in a short space of time was key to delivering a great website. The other benefit was that as I was using Webflow to build the website, I knew what the capabilities were so could design a website that I knew I could build quickly and efficiently.

The wireframes gave me something to show David and agree on without too much work on choosing images.

Webflow build

As mentioned previously, using Webflow allowed me to create the website exactly to the spec of the wireframes. I could use exact measurements and pixel dimensions to make the website work as I had designed.

Gone are the days of a dodgy Wordpress build where the site has inconsistencies, errors and things in the wrong place. And to top it off, the CMS/editor platform at the back end that clients have access to is just leaps ahead of the clunky Wordpress system.

I was able to set David up with the simple Editor, deciding myself what elements on the site could be edited while keeping the dimensions or size restrictions I had previously set during the build.