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Macdonald Cameron responsive designs


I was approached to work on a branding and website package for an Argyll and Bute based Project Management business. The management were looking for a brand refresh as they took on a new name. Ewan, the managing director, and I worked together to create a brand and accompanying website that shows off their work and replicates their modern view on project management.

Worked with: Ewan Macdonald
Tools used: Figma, Webflow


Macdonald Cameron logo designs
Macdonald Cameron logo designs
Macdonald Cameron logo designs
Macdonald Cameron logo designs

Logotype – Focussing on the two letters of the new director's names was a key part of the logo requested by Ewan. Variations on that theme formed the basis of the logo development.
Typography – I created logos with both serif and sans serif fonts to give Ewan a choice of style. The serif font was more popular, giving a modern but sophisticated feel.
Colour – Blue was used to give a trustworthy and calming feel. The colour gives customer's a sense of trust and confidence that matches the business' profile.
Design – A simple logo that can be used in different formats. The name can be removed for use in a favicon or profile picture while the text can be used in print formats.


Macdonald & Cameron Ltd, previously trading under Gregor Cameron Contracts Ltd, had an existing website built in Wix. It was basic in content and functionality, and responsively wasn't strong. See the homepage below:

Macdonald Cameron old website

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Since the project was conducted during the Coronavirus pandemic, meetings with Ewan were done over video call and work was shared online. To make this job easier, I use Figma and Webflow - both have client viewers without the need to pay for accounts, making sharing work and collaboration incredibly easy.

Once Ewan and the team had agreed on a logo, I created wireframes in Figma.

Website designs

Webflow build

Using Webflow allows me to create the website exactly to the spec of the wireframes. I could use exact measurements and pixel dimensions to make the website work as I had designed.

For the backend content, I set up various CMS collections that can be populated by Ewan and the team using Webflow's Editor. This allows for live content to be updated without the worry of breaking anything.

Webflow also has a very intuitive method of making websites responsive - one of the most important features as the majority of users will be viewing the website on a phone.

Check out the live website

Macdonald Cameron screenshots
Macdonald Cameron screenshots