Car & Home Insurance App

UI Design

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Sainsbury's Bank used a 3rd party to host an insurance app which is very basic and didn't have much input at the beginning in terms of design. When I started at the bank, the app was in the process of being replatformed, giving us the chance to update the UI. Using their app screens as a template, I was able to redesign it with our brand and launch relatively quickly. I also made some amends to the structure of the dashboard and introduced a few additional features.

Worked with: Insurances Product Manager - Car, CX Manager & 3rd party hosting developers
Tools used: Sketch


I began the design process by reviewing the bank's Credit Card Mobile App which was being designed and developed by the digital team (the team I would eventually move to and take over as principal designer of the app). This helped to understand the use of the brand and get to grips with the brand guidelines document for mobile apps.

Our partners had sent their library of screens which showcased every screen of the app in it's native design. This was useful to understand what changes I would want to make would be possible and what wouldn't.

There were some additional features that I added to enhance the app:
• Included a "What you'll need" screen documenting what the user would need to activate the app. This was to give the user notice so that they could be prepped and have all the information to hand to complete activation.
• The "Create password" form was not visually clear what was required for a successful combination of letters and numbers to create a secure password. I included the text below the form to give users a clear indication of what was required.
• I created a new design for the dashboard that included a double carousel of cards that housed the information relating to either a car, home or car and home policies together. This was a feature that our partner's really saw potential in for their customers, hence did not charge us as this was going to become a full feature in all their releases.
• Another feature I added was the image of the car. Using API's, the app would call and place an image of the car the user has insured on their policy. A small touch, but one that adds a premium feel and reassures the user that the policy details are correct.
• The final addition I made to the app was the Nectar screen. As Sainsbury's Bank have such a strong partnership and affiliation with Nectar, I created a screen that would allow the user to link their policy to their Nectar account, resulting in bonus points.

Below are some preliminary sketches I created while building out the app.

Final Product

The final design for the page was approved by the Website Product Owner and the credit card team and displays the content in a much more visual way.