RBS - App Redesign

UX/UI Design

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I was tasked with a design challenge a while back, before I gained my Diploma in UX Design, in a job application for the position of Digital Product Designer and had 5 days to complete the following:

“Pick an app that you use already, and identify a process, flow or feature you think could be improved upon and add real user value to show your user experience skills. It should be an app which also needs a redesign, and redesign at least one screen to show your interface design skills.”

Worked with: Personal project, my user Kirsty
Tools used: Adobe Xd, Final Cut Pro X, Paper for iPad


01. User research
Idea generation
Initial user research with Kirsty highlighted these 4 main issues with the current RBS app
02. Ideas
Idea generation
Using the information about the problems from the research, these were the ideas I developed

Why RBS?
I use the RBS banking app almost daily and have many gripes with it’s functionality and some of it’s features. For a modern banking app, it doesn’t compare to the likes of Monzo or Starling. Also, my girlfriend Kirsty uses the app so I asked her to help with my research and for testing purposes, as she also had some similar frustrations with the app.‍

Research begins
Having identified a user, the next step was to build a user profile and identify some of the problems through usability tests and short interview styled sessions. I prepared questions about the functionality of the app and also conducted a usability test with Kirsty using the RBS app to determine any weak functionality, stumble points and general flow.

Profile outline
User is Kirsty, a 22 year old nurse
Device: She banks with RBS and relies solely on the mobile app on her iPhone 7
Goal: She wants to be able to understand her finances quickly on the move
Pain: She finds the arrangement of numbers hard to read when managing her incoming and outgoing finances

Issues from research
Incoming and outgoing money was hard to distinguish between
2. The main account balance was overly prominent when checking in public due to it’s size on the screen meaning little privacy
3. The menu didn’t show the most important features that would be accessed quickly
4. Pending transactions all look very similar so making it hard to read

App screen design