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Sainsbury’s Bank have an evergrowing app that customers can use to control their credit card. Information relating to the app on the website was very minimal as the webpage was created as a placeholder when the app was first developed. The goal for this project therefore, was to make information about the features on the app more visible for customers applying for a credit card.

Worked with: Mobile App Product Owner, App IT Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Credit Card Product Manager, Website Product Owner & Web Publishing Team
Tools used: Figma, Userzoom


The main problems with the existing page were the amount of information about features and no link with the credit card product page. Visually the page is not engaging so graphics from the app would help to show off the product.

Scroll down the Mac screen below to see the page that was being redesigned.

Sainsbury's webpage

Tap, then scroll to view

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I initially carried out some competitive benchmarking, comparing other app webpages and taking design inspiration from them. Companies like Monzo, Revolut and Starling Bank are leading the way in terms of design and bring a more playful and creative feel to banking. Some of those aspects can be translated in to the designs for Sainsbury’s Bank without deviating from the guidelines.

For this project, it was important to focus on all of the features the app has to offer. I felt the best way to communicate those features and to show off the design of the app was to use screenshots inside a device. For variation, I alternated the device and text on the left and right.

Competitive benchmarking

Tandem screenshot
1. Alternating the text and image on both sides of the screen
2. Angled devices add depth and give a greater sense of 3D
3. Nice combination of illustrations and app screenshots compliment each other.

A/B Testing & Creation of Research Brand

Discussions with the Website Product Owner brought up the topic of page length & page break point. I initially designed the page with large device images to make sure the app features were visible and detail could be read on the screens. With differing views on the size of the graphics, I used Userzoom and the help of users to make a decision.

Something we recently discovered in user testing is that users often display bias or alternate judgement when they recognise the brand. For that reason, a research brand was created - "Bazinga Bank". This would follow the exact principles of the current design language but have fonts, logos and colours adjusted. Through testing we have found that it is different enough compared with the Sainsbury's Bank branding that users don't correlate the two together.

I created 3 versions with differing device sizes in the research brand and used conducted an A/B/C test. Results were in favour of the smaller, but full, device image. This keeps the page short while still showing the full screen and also increasing white space.

Another important feature of the page was to help customers find out information about the app when applying for a credit card and vice versa. To implement this crossover, a link at the top of the page was added to give customers a quick way of discovering credit cards, while the opposite link was added on the credit card pages to help promote the app.

To help the web publishing team, I created responsive versions of the design in desktop and mobile.

App screenshot

Final Product

The final design for the page was approved by the Website Product Owner and the Credit Card Product Manager and displays the content in a much more visual way.

The designs were handed off to the Web Publishing team, using Figma's in built developer tools, to build on the CMS and the page was launched after testing on different devices and browsers.

App screenshot


Reflecting on the outcome of the project, the final design is a significant improvement on the original webpage. Using UserZoom to quickly make decisions based on real user feedback is crucial to getting the experience right.

The final design also aligns to the Bank's brand guidelines but brings a more modern feel. Compared with many of the other webpages, this new mobile app page is graphically pleasing and lighter on the amount of copy. This brings more white space and focusses on the product, rather than screeds of copy.